Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How many Palettes? LOL

I was playing around on FB the other day and a friend ( waves to Mel ) made a comment that she would love to see just how many palettes I have in my collection these days, so seeing as I'm still sick and needed a bit of fun I pulled them all out this morning.... UH OH there's more than I thought and I like and use every single one of them for different reasons!

These are the homemade palettes using either mineral loose shadows I have pressed myself or made using single pans purchased at different places.

Estee Lauder eyeshadow and Blush palettes and Mirenesse palette
88 colour palettes, top row metallic and matte, bottom row shimmer and neutral
The 180 colour palette
Face of Australia opulent eyes palettes - top row
MAC palettes - middle row
Loreal palettes and a natio palette - bottom row
And the NAKED palette x 2, NYX nude on nude palette, Dior Cannage palette, and sleek's acid and chaos palettes plus BYS animal insticts natural palette and a Pysican's formula shimmer strips palette
Thinking about it there's also a chi-chi palette and a NYX bronze godess one around in my drawers somewhere...

LOL, Not at all excessive right?


D.Sadie said...

*drools!* Damn that's so many palettes!!! I'm jealous. Haha. I love your collection.

Makeup and Macaroons said...

OMG you have sooo many palettes! Jealous!
And I actually don't feel so bad with my measly collection of 5 or so palettes, I think you've just given me an excuse to shop for more! LOL

melmeko said...

Yeah baby, now this is what I'm talking about, waves back madly, hehe. You go girl, this collection is amazing and as I expected HUGE :) Love it, thanks for sharing :)

RitualEyes said...

:) it's slightly crazy isn't it, plus I am eyeing another NYX one at the moment too! Obviously this doesn't even start to cover the loose pigments, blushes, lipglosses an lipsticks as well.... Hmmm perhaps I need an intervention! NO MORE MAKEUP!!!!!!

Britney said...

u have beautiful palette, im glad i foun dur glad it great , now following pplease follow back

The Made Up Maiden said...

What a gorgeous collection! I now feel like going shopping for more, lol!