Friday, June 10, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeliners

Continuing on from the saga that was hubby's US trip and his many visits to Sephora over there, he also picked up some of the famous Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils, in 4 different shades.  Now I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with coloured eyeliner pencils, I LOVE the vibrant colors of eyeliner pencils but 90% of the time once I apply them they just either disappear, or I can't get the line sharp enough for my liking or they are just too damn hard and pull at my skin on my eyelids when using them. As a result I thought it might be time to get my hands on some of these Famed Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, after looking at swatches and swatches... many thanks to Great Aunty Google for finding them for me.... I narrowed it down to 4 must have colours, Deviant (electric blue), Ransom ( bright iridescent purple ), Stash (dark golden green ) and Gunmetal (glimmering dark grey), actually I preferred dime over gunmetal, but hubby just couldn't get his hands on that one, so Gunmetal was a 2nd choice.

The 24/7 pencils come in 23 shades with some having true vegan ingredients.  Some of the ingredients in these are Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil and cottonseed oil in a waterproof formula that dries almost instantly. The colours that the 24/7 pencils come in are just stunning, so bright and shimmery (love my shimmer!) Each pencil contains 1.2 gms of liner and retails at $18 USD. The pencils themselves are coloured in the liner colour so you can see just which one you are looking for, they have a silver lid and and silver end to the pencil that you can pop the lid onto when using them, which is great for people like me who tend to loose anything you put down! The 24/7 eyeliner formula is incredibly soft and they apply so smoothly with no pulling or tugging at my lids creating a perfect line every time.  They are also perfect for my waterline, they don't smudge or wear off and create a fantastic colour line for my under eyes which quite often just wears off when using traditional shadows on it. My eyes also tend to be a bit sensitive with really bright light or reactions to some ingredients in products setting them off in fits of weeping and the 24/7 pencils so far have stayed put on my under eyes if they are weeping :) YAY to that. I've never had a colour stay there if my eyes are playing up! So that says volumes for the waterproof claims on these.

When I swatched them on my inner wrist once the colours set I could swipe across them with my fingers with no smudging in the slightest, in fact they stayed put with no smudges through a 10 hr day of wearing jackets rubbing my wrists, washing dishes, and even showering and still looked just as good as when they were first applied.  The minute I used makeup remover they cleaned off quickly and easily with no colour shadowing left behind.
Stash - green gold olive
Gunmetal dark silver with tons of light bright silver shimmer
Deviant - bright electric blue
Ransom - bright blue purple
Now for the swatches
Stash, gunmetal, deviant, and ransom

Big thumbs up to Urban Decay liners and I'm sure some more of the colours will be going on my new wishlist in the near future as well as a couple of the 24/7 shadow pencils :D


D.Sadie said...

Wow! These comes in 23 shades?! That's amazing. I really love the swatches. The colors are so pretty. I want to try these out. =)


DanniiBeauty said...

I have heard lots of people liking these liners. They sound and look fantastic. We can't get them here in Australia, so trying to see where I can get them from online.
Great post!

RitualEyes said...

EBay is your best bet to get them, or I think, may have a few of the shades at really good prices.

RitualEyes said... has almost the whole range in stock they are just a touch more expensive though at $21.50 :D