Sunday, June 12, 2011

Face of Australia, Molten Metallics Titanium and black zebra print nails

Face of Australia Titanium
Now my nails are looking a bit nicer, I thought it would be time for a bit of playing around with the new Face of Australia Molten Metallics Nail polishes.  I'm in a bit of an animal print mood at the moment so I pulled out all my Konad plates and found the authentic plate with the full nail Zebra stripe print on it ( plate m57) although I think technically this would be the tiger stripe plate, but MEH still looks like a convincing zebra stripe to me.
image taken from my Konad design book
I cleaned my nails up and used 2 Coats of the FOA silvery sparkle colour Titanium which I picked up at my local Priceline store for $4.95 AUD and went to work with the Konad stamper.

This is the result :D

LOVE my animal prints!
Do you have a favourite nail polish colour or design that you just keep coming back to?


D.Sadie said...

I absolutely love this! So cute!


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Su said...

Gorgeous! Just love it :)

Alice said...

I"m envious. It looks great!

I'm flat out just putting plain colour on my nails, and haven't tried any sort of nail art yet. :(