Monday, March 21, 2011

More Mac blushes

So anyway, I'm still feeling under the weather, and felt like finishing up my MAC blush project. Today I have some of the Sheertone Blushes and some mineralize blushes for you to look at.

Top row is the Sheertone blushes in Dollymix, PeachyKeen and Springsheen.
Bottom row is Mineralize blushes in Improvise, Nuance and Style Demon.

The Sheertone blushes retail at $41 AUD for a 6gm pot. Size wise compared to the skinfinishes the pots are much smaller. The sheertones aren't overtly sparkly, more of a sheen than anything. The product is soft and swipes off onto a brush or your fingertip very easily.  The colours tend to be more subtle ( even Dollymix, which looks scary pink in the pot )but can build up to a strong colour if you want them to.

Springsheen - soft sheer, peachy gold
Paechykeen - Is more pinky peach on my skin, Springsheen and Peachykeen are often compared as being similar, but on my skin there is a distinct difference.  Peachykeen is darker and more pinker to my eye.
Dollymix - sheer strong true pink, It almost looks a bit scary in the pot, but is really a much softer pink when applied with a light hand.
 Swatches - left to right, Springsheen, PeachyKeen and Dollymix
springsheen, peachykeen, dollymix
Mineralize Blushes

These are 3.5 g, so noticeably less product than the sheertones and the skinfinishes, although the pot is the same size as the sheertone blushes, there is much less product and they retail at $43 AUD.  Both of these MAC blush types you can pick up much cheaper... say $15 - $25 USD plus shipping on allcosmeticswholsale and Brigettes Boutique. The mineralize blushes are also much higher in shimmer than the sheertones.

Indidvidual pictures
Improvise - high shimmer, medium golden peach, nice highlighting shade
Mineralize - Improvise
Nuance - medium golden orange peach, nice for bronzed goddess looks, or a natural day look depending on your skin.
Mineralize - Nuance
Style Demon - Darker wine red with gold flecks, lovely more dramatic colour.
 Swatches of the mineralize blushes -
Improvise, Nuance, Style demon.
I adore MAC blushes, I love the colours, the finishes and the texture of them.  Such a shame they are so damn expensive here in Australia!

Do you have a favourite blush? MAC or otherwise, I'd love to know what everyone else is loving ATM.


Kirra said...

I'm loving my MSF in Stereo Rose & my trusty old fail-safe Well Dressed :) Hope you feel better soon! x

RitualEyes said...

:) stereo rose is such a great colour! I actually have an almost perfect dupe for it that I should swatch side by side. Not sure how easy that one is to get though.

Makeup and Macaroons said...

I just bought Dollymix today and loving it. Def scary in the pan but oh so wearable. My other favourite is Illamasqua Lover, I'm absolutely obsessed with it!