Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY - homemade magnetic palette

I was doing a bit of playing around with my homemade magnetic palettes late last week, and got chatting on FaceBook with a friend on how I made them, so the next logical step was to to a how to blog on them :) Now the idea of handmade magnetic palettes is not new, and you can probably google it and get tons of results on how to make them, but this is my take on them anyway.

Firstly let me show you my homemade ones. The palettes themselves are those tin collectible DVD cases that you sometimes get when buying a special edition DVD, these 2 are ones I just had lying around at home.  The individual pans inside them are all colours of my own creation that I pressed simply so that they didn't take up stacks of room in my makeup drawers and to tell the truth, I kinda like being able to flip open a palette and see all my choices in one go.  Makes it easier to choose what to use.

So to start off you need something to use as a palette, I picked up this kids pencil case for $5 from the reject shop.  It has 3 tiers inside so its perfect.

Then you need a adhesive backed, magnetic sheet.  You can get these on eBay for next to nothing.  I can't recall who the eBay seller I bought mine from was, as it was quite a while ago, but I got 3 A4 sheets in the one transaction. This is what they look like.

Then quite simply open up your palette to be, and measure up the insides then cut the magnets to size and peel the paper off the adhesive side of your magnetic sheet and attach it to the base of your palette. You will end up with something like this :)
Next up, I actually removed the ... arms..... I guess, that automatically flip the trays up when the palettes open.  The reason I did this was, after looking at it I realised that if I placed any pans at the backs of the trays, I wouldn't be able to easily get to them. So then I ended up with this.
Then you can pop your magnetised single pans into your homemade palette :)

When I'm heading out, or travelling and want to take the eye shadows that I used that day with me, I then pop them out the magnetised palette and into a simple 4 well magnetised one.  The one I have I've owned for quite some time, I would imagine they are available on EBay, or for anyone near a Priceline store, the beautystyle brand sells 4 well empty magnetised palettes, the pans in those are bigger than the standard pan size... imagine MAC sized pans, so the pans don't sit completely fitted in Beautystyle palettes, but they have super strong magnets in them and the pans really stick well anyway. This is my 4 well palette.
Underneath it has small pin holes to allow you to simply pop the pans back out, with the least amount of fussing around
and this is how my homemade pressed eye shadows look transferred out of the big homemade palette and into a small travel friendly size.
This is a perfect way to enable you to buy single MAC, or Yaby or Starsmakeupheaven etc pans, or from any brand that sell the individual pans, without having to fork out stacks of extra cash for a small palette to fit your new individual pans in!

Let me know if you give it a try and how you went with it :)

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