Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Competition winners :D

Hi guys,

After reading through Facebook's T&C's and discovering that all comps run on there, that aren't conducted with the use of a 3rd party app (Think specific competition tab) are against the T&C's, I have decided all comps will be run on the blog in the future.  Apparently it is even against the rules to announce or contact winners via FB :(.  In the name of fairness I am trying to make sure everyone who participates will get a chance to win at least one comp, but I wont overlook a name that totally suits a colour, so it is possible to win a couple of comps in a row.

Here are the colours that were up for naming in the last comp :D -

This is the pink shimmer with the blue undertones
Winners is - Yvette Mystakas with Marshmellow

Medium brown green/duochrome -
Winner is - Su RamMohan  with Bronzed Emerald

Shimmery Blue Violette
Winner is Stepanie Lalita with Violent Violet

and last but not least the pale shimmery lilac
Winner is Stacey English with I Like Lilac

Congratulations Guys! What I need you to do for me now is to email me on with your delivery details and a choice of one other colour from the 4 up for naming, as a special treat for taking the effort to take part :D

Looking forward to sending you off your prizes, which will be in the post Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Hope you enjoy them.


Su said...

Oh my thanks so much! Actually that duochrome shade was my favourite of this lot! I am so excited! x
Congrats Yvette, Steph, Stacey!

scentsation1 said...

Congrats ladies, perfect names!! :)

Yvette said...

Congrats Su, Steph and Stacey !!!

I am stoked you liked my name for the pink eyeshadow =D

buddy8 said...

congrats Ladies.:)

RitualEyes said...

Congrats again ladies, you really did make it hard to pick just one favourite name for each colour. You have much more creativity with words than I do.