Monday, June 4, 2012

Innoxia classic colour lipsticks, Matte shades

Just a quick follow up to the Innoxia classic colour lipsticks post from a few days ago, these are the 2 matte that I own from the range.  I find the pigmentation and lasting power about the same as the rest of the range, although if you have quite dry lips the colour can settle into the fine lines, I find that I can stop this happening if I remember to apply a balm before putting on my foundation.

The 2 colours I have are baby doll and watermelon

baby doll, watermelon
Baby doll is a pale barbie pink

and watermelon is a bright coral pink

Swatches, baby doll (left), watermelon (right)

So loving the lippie brights ATM, do you have a favourite all time bright lippie?

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