Sunday, May 27, 2012

Innoxia Classic colour Lipsticks

Hi again ladies,

 I've been giving a bit of love to lippies lately, sometimes I spend months using glosses, then it's like I discover lipstick all over again.  Recently I fell in love with the colour range of the Innoxia range that is stocked at my local Priceline store, ( RRP $14.95 AUD) sadly their stand is always half empty or missing testers, but that hasn't stopped me from grabbing a few utterly fabulous bold colours.

I'm finding theses really creamy and smooth to apply, they don't settle into the lines of my lips or bleed at all.  They have a pretty standard lasting power, but what really caught my eye was the range of colours, can we say Va-VA-vavoom..... OMG so pretty.  They sent me into a 'Must have lipstick" frenzy.

The range comes in a variety of finishes from Matte, to Cremes and Sheen's.  I do have a couple of the matte finishes but I will pop those in a separate post.

Onto the pictures, always my favourite part.

pink peony, periwinkle, guava,plum, honeysuckle
lipsticks individually
Pink peony

pink peony
And the swatches
pink peony, periwinkle, guava, plum, honeysuckle

In my defence, I didn't actually buy honeysuckle, it was a freebie from one of the Priceline Beauty Bags, and it's a colour I doubt I'll ever use.  I most likely will melt it down, mix it with something else and re-set it so that I have a colour I can use.


Billi Lilli said...

That pink peony colour looks gorgeous! I need that in my collection haha :)
Great haul

The Made Up Maiden said...

Ooh, some gorgeous shades there! I especially love guava and periwinkle!

Beauty in a bottle said...

I love pink peony and plum. They have such a great selection of colours!

RitualEyes said...

They really do have some lovely colours, out of those I think my favourite is either guava or periwinkle.