Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revlon 24 hr Colourstay Whipped Creme foundation

Hey beauties, long time no blog!  To tell the truth I kinda decided to save my cash for Sydney Imats in September and haven't really bought much of anything worth blogging about since the Urban decay haul from the mini cruise, but I'm going to try and find things to blog on anyway. LOL.  
Recently I was sent Revlon's new 24 hr Colourstay whipped creme foundation as part of the Beautyheaven Trial Team. I am a die hard foundation wearer, it's my one staple beauty product that I have used for years and years, so I was very excited to be asked to trial Revlon's new foundation.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup has a mousse-like texture  which is almost a bit bouncy to the touch that will give skin a soft matte silky feeling finish.  It contains silk and botanicals and features elastormeric primer technology to give you skin all day comfort and has SPF 20.  The range consists of 7 shades and retails for $34.95 and can be found anywhere you buy Revlon products.
When it arrived I was immediately impressed the glass pot looked like it was from a much more Luxe brand than Revlon. It felt heavy and expensive, that is actually a bit of a drawback  though, as after removing the seal that stops the product from ending up all over the inside of the lid, I discovered that the pot wasn't really user friendly.  If you are a pop your foundation on with your fingers kinda person, then you'll soon find out that trying to get the product out if you have long finger nails is a messy job.  In the end I resorted to using a foundation brush to get the product out of the pot.

the interior seal

the product looks really quite thick at first glance

I ended up using my Sigma F60 foundation brush to apply and it worked like a dream much better than my fingers!

The finish of the foundation is beautiful, with the bonus that it feels amazingly light and silky on.  It spreads well and even using a foundation brush leaves no patchiness or caking. The foundation covers reasonably well with small spot touch ups being needed for stubborn scars or marks and wears well throughout a 12 hr day with no caking or flaking or wearing off after that though it does start to wear off, so it is far from the 24 hr foundation that it is advertised as.  I found I had some problems with my bronzer not going on evenly over it and this just kept happening, and seeing as I wear bronzer daily found this a bit of a deal breaker.
I'm also unsure weather it would be the best foundation for sensitive skin, as my eyes which are quite sensitive have been watering non stop since using this foundation.  I'm trying to get my hands on an ingredients listing to see if there is anything in it that I know will set my eyes off, and have stopped using it, to see if they settle back down.  It does seem the most likely culprit as  I haven't been using anything else new.

oops, silly me discovered the ingredients on the bottom of the underneath label
If it wasn't for those couple of problems then this really would be a 5 star product, but as it stands it's not something I will consider purchasing until I find out if it was the cause of my eye soreness.

***EDIT***  I did eventually discover the ingredients listing on the underneath of the pot, but nothing stood out as being the cause of the irritation.  2 days after I stopped using it the irritation in my eyes stopped, so it was definitely the foundation, and to tell the truth, I'm really not sure I want to do the research and delve into all the ingredients and what they do, as I'd bet some of them would be really quite nasty to allow them to produce a brand that can claim to last 24hrs on your skin.  Plus do I really want to leave it on that long.... HELL NO!

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