Saturday, October 15, 2011

UH OH... not another palette. Yaby world of Pearls

LMAO Ladies it's that time again.  This time I'm professing my undying love for my new Yaby World of Pearls Palette.  I scored this baby the Saturday night of IMAT's using a 20% off code at Makeup and Glow's Website.  I believe it came to around $100 AUD and delivery as always from them is super quick approx 4-5 days to Sydney.

The palette itself is a sleek semi shiny hard plastic cased box with the Yaby logo printed in grey on the front. It measures approx 15cm x 10 cm, so it's not huge, but is a good easy to handle size.  The inside lid has a full sized mirror ( same size as the top of the case, it goes all the way to the edge) It contains 40 pearl shadows which are super soft, and all very shimmery, there are some magnificent duo-chrome colours in amongst them as well. Each shadow is slightly smaller than an Aussie 5c piece and are magnetised with a colour code and shade name on the underneath.  Only thing I can really fault with this palette is I wish there were a few more neutral colours because most looks need something like that for creases and highlights etc.

Well enough gabbing onto the photos, seeing as they really say it all....

Row 1

Left to right - pp080 (first snow), pp013 (pink diamond), pp012 (frosted rose), pp057 (strawberry), pp056 (dragon fruit)

Row 2 -

left to right - pp005 (pink tourmaline), pp038 (neon grape), pp045 (passionfruit), pp037 (amethyst river), pp049 (purple iris)

Row 3 -

left to right - pp017 (lavender snow), pp064 (violet crystal), pp060 (geranium), pp047 (eggplant), pp015 (sea turtle)

Row 4 -

left to right - pp024 (baby sapphire), pp052 (platinum), pp019 (antique), pp048 (chocolate smoothie), pp040 (cuppachino dream)

Row 5 -

left to right - pp009 (tropical ocean), pp070 (mermaid blue), pp036 (summer night), pp066 (butterfly blue), pp001 (midnight  blue)

Row 6 -

left to right -  pp031 (baby grass), pp071 (physcadellic Caterpillar), pp025 (spring garden), pp011 (emerald dragon), pp002 (emerald sea)

Row 7 -

left to right - pp029 (lemonade), pp054 (baby duckie), pp072 (gold bar), pp026 (amber rain), pp062 ( tamarind)

Row 8 -

left to right - pp008 (tangerine mist), pp053 (persimmon), pp041 (kamkuat), pp061 (copper ruby), pp082 (hematite)

Spot any favourites in there?  I think mine would have to be Row 3 (sea turtle), Row 4 (cuppachino dream) and Row 5 (midnight blue)


Michelle said...

I need to buy more.....(sigh)

RitualEyes said...

LMAO, too easy :D

Yvette said...

lol you're an enabler ! hahaha

Su said...

Nice swatches! So hard to find all yaby the swathes online. I'm loving the look of the duochromes in green and blue :)